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The PCR test results ARE meaningless. Here's why.

 The whole world relies on RT-PCR to “diagnose” Sars-Cov-2 infection, the science is clear: they are not fit for purpose From Torsten Engelbrecht and Konstantin Demeter Lockdowns and hygienic measures around the world are based on numbers of cases and mortality rates created by the so-called SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR tests used to identify “positive” patients, whereby “positive” is usually equated with “infected.” But looking closely at the facts, the conclusion is that these PCR tests are meaningless as a diagnostic tool to determine an alleged infection by a supposedly new virus called SARS-CoV-2. UNFOUNDED “TEST, TEST, TEST,…” MANTRA At the  media briefing on COVID-19 on March 16, 2020 , the WHO Director General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said: We have a simple message for all countries: test, test, test.” The message was spread through headlines around the world, for instance by  Reuters  and the  BBC . Still on the 3 of May, the moderator of the heute journal — one of the most importan
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Curtis Press: Publishing science that challenges the consensus narrative.

Its refreshing that not every publisher is the same . Th ere are some that service the needs of those looking for fresh thinking outside of consensus science monopolies. Its quite new and niche, so give them some support, or make contact if you have been thinking about publishing yourself. I'll give two examples of books they publish, each as a synopsis. Founded by Neil Shuttlewood, a Bachelor of Environmental Science from the University of East Anglia, UK, Curtis Press distributes new ideas in science, new concepts that might surmount the scientific cul-de-sac that currently prevails in many fields of science. Why publish with them ? Because they claim to build relationships with all of their authors and offer a publishing experience that is second to none. It would appear they offer one of the most generous publishing contracts, emphasizing the science, not the profit. They distribute their books and ebooks globally via a network of distributors and independent sellers and offer

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Electric Universe Fiction: Anemone a Creature/Starship and the Pilots of the Birkeland Currents by Pan Orpheus

A few words by the author on his latest work in EU fiction. I always do my bit to promote the EU cause, particularly by an author of this calibre who has a firm grasp of the EU concepts.   In my fiction, especially my latest book, 'Anemone a Creature/Starship and the Pilots of the Birkeland Currents' virtually all aspects of what we call EU Theory in its broadest sense are explored. The world of the journey of the Anemone is a three dimensional Cosmos where time is a simultaneity. It is a gradated fractal self-similar worlds-within-worlds Universe, where the huge ship travels on a 'Migration' from one star system to another, basically unaware of the tiny command module within.  It is a Universe where Electromagnetism is the dominant force, acting and interacting with Plasma to carry Electricity through a Cosmic Web that may be set against a sea of neutrinos. The original and current contributors and groups to the Electric/Plasma Universe Paradigm are all mentioned in th

The "Greenhouse Effect". Ironic fail!

Note: The graphs below illustrate at a glance that whatever the actual role of CO2 (by correlation between temperature and CO2) it is certainly not consistent with a gas making up 0.04% of the atmosphere functioning like a glass roof. This is a pity because Mars (96% CO2) would probably be a bit warmer if it were. The graphs come from a single excellent recent paper (details below) which is well worth a read. It is less about CO2 in isolation and more about CO2 with respect to THE GREENHOUSE EFFECT itself.  You can also find it here where you can download a PDF. It does a perfectly good job of dispatching the nonsense science used by Climate Change movement to strongarm their way into the various avenues of social influence both scientifically and politically. Because of this I'm going just going to focus on one tiny little aspect, so minor you never hear it mentioned, yet so soaked in irony it begs to be pointed out.. So that's my objective here, pointing out the role of CO2