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A condensed ancient history of Israel

9 November 2023  by  Larry Johnson   Check out his excellent geopolitical analysis site Sonar 2 1 Consider this a public service. I am not pretending to be a scholar of Middle East history by any stretch. Yet, I’m pretty sure that the majority of people of all races and religions do not understand the 3023 year history of the lands now called Israel and Palestine. Guess which nation/ethnic group that had the longest rule over the region? If you guessed the Arab Muslims (521 years), give yourself a gold star. Second longest was Rome (454 years) followed by the Ottoman Empire (401 years). If you combine the time the Arab Muslims with the Turkish Muslims ruled the region you get a total of 922 years. It is true that the Jews arrived “first” after the tribes of Israel conquered the Canaanites and Philistines somewhere between 1100 BC and 1020 BC. If you add up the different times that Israel had independent control of the land you get roughly 626 years. I think that most people in America

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