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About Me And Why I Write This Blog

I grew up in South Africa during the last days of Apartheid in a white family with an afrikaans father of dutch and flemish descent and an English speaking mother of mixed scottish and english descent. We grew up english speaking and due having a father who was a little over enamoured with casinos we ended up destitute by the time I was in high school. I was fortunately one of South Africa's top swimmers in my age group by this time which meant myself and my brother would get to go to a top school all expenses paid. I suppose you could say we were in some ways successful, in other ways poor kids punching above their weight class. This ultimately meant I would be surrounded by white kids in apartheids dying days, all from middle class and upwards backgrounds and the vast majority from Christian households. The dynamic was not something I thought about back then but I've since come to realise how misplaced the white male ego was in the “old” South Africa and how healthy it was for the collective to brought down a peg or two, because this causes a reversal of the indoctrination process and a fresh reevaluation of the world at large and where we fit in inside it. Afrikaans speakers of this particular generation were going through even more of a seismic shift in culture and despite the Afrikaans community having a reputation as conservative, the generation a few years ahead of and behind my high school graduation year (significantly being 1994) has produced many independent free thinkers, all of whom were forced by circumstance to shed their indoctrinated identities and question the merit and value of their adopted labels. To this day I have been more influenced by my Afrikaans background friends than any other demographic in South Africa. This generation was anomalous in the overall picture of South Africa and I've only recently gotten a handle on it and how important it has perhaps been in my world view.

Despite the fact that I was not a racist (I almost got into fights defending FW de Klerk's National Party government decision to allow people of colour into “model C” schools) or religious (I was one of a handful of atheists at a time where it still meant admitting this meant you needed to be verbally prepared for an attack from an essentially conservative environment) I basically always felt out of place in this situation so questioning authority became a central aspect of my personality along with my hedonistic and bohemian proclivities. The Church was my first institutionalised target of authority because I grew fascinated my and obsessed with science and science fiction so I always had a strong sense of the process of the scientific method and being young and defiant, I jumped to the Richard Dawkins school of thought quite quickly. My generation was also growing up surfing the wave of the internet revolution so this meant information and internationalisation was being brought within the means of somebody like me. I devoured it and became quite well informed but I also became symptomatic (for the first time in my life) as the product of a type of indoctrination. This was a very subtle form of indoctrination because a natural sceptic and science enthusiast such as myself, who observed (through the unfailing success of science and technology) all the old myths and superstitions being (at least I thought at the time) discredited. Pseudoscience has also been given a trial by fire and the public domain has become littered the corpse of thinkers made successful by my generation and beyond, such as Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and similar. In the media emerging firebrands of similar ilk were (I thought as the time) redrawing all the old borders in a literal and metaphoric sense. I never realised the potential dangers of what was happening for my generation until much later Yes its true, for all their merits I need to point out (as a product of this school of thought) that this brings a dangerous prism to both science, Western culture and global politics and economics.

Very few people include as their hobbies (not career related) economics, geopolitics and history. Those are my hobbies. Even fewer on that list would add science as an associated interest. Most science enthusiasts have entirely different associated interests. This has allowed me an overlapping perspective into both worlds and I've come to one overarching realisation. The old adage is true:

Scientists are notoriously naïve in political and economic affairs, and surprisingly culturally gullible even though they are sceptical within their professional paradigm. I unpack these themes at length in this. That being said, if they were able to apply the scientific method to politics, which they seldom do, they would arrive at a closer approximation to what they would consider a solution, if you don't mind mind the pun. If the truth be told, the concept of “TRUTH” has slightly different meanings depending on whether you approach it in the colloquial sense, the political sense, the scientific sense, the philosophical sense or indeed even the metaphysical sense. Science itself deals in fairly mundane and utilitarian physical models, dynamics and increases understanding by comparing observation with theory. Science cannot and does not offer truth, meaning or purposes and cannot comment on what is right and what is wrong. All of these are either philosophical themes or in the political and cultural domain. There has been a dangerous conflation of these spheres in recent times and this is what is contributing to increasing global polarity and division during a time when we were supposed to be on that aforementioned technological wave and riding it all the way to the “Global Village”.

I've subsequently distanced myself from the cultural world of science because it's ambassadors have lead me down the path confirmation bias, political agendas and bigotry and I never saw it coming since I myself was naively not able to parse out cultural and political or identity agendas with adequate sophistication or understanding until I went far enough down the wrong path for me to realise my geopolitical knowledge actually refuted where I was being lead by what was emerging as the mainstream Western scientific culture. I started to reconcile the perspectives and I think its been the most useful journey in understanding the world I've ever experienced.

This blog I write seeks to bring my experience to anyone who has experienced what I have gone through and am going through, in the hope that they can add to it or take from it. Hopefully with this in mind we can be as provocative as we like to be, but not unnecessarily arrogant or lose our compass and ability to self correct.

I apologize if I have rejected your Facebook friend requests, if you have connected with me on Twitter and would like to try again I will more than likely accept them unless they appear to be spam. In the past I considered Twitter the natural environment for someone who does not use social media for personal reasons and instead prefers to use it for engaging in issues and stirring the pot. I now use Facebook for similarly political reasons almost exclusively and will likely investigate new possibilities as the new Orwellian threat of censorship parading as a crusade to guard against “fake news” whips into overdrive.

So with that being said I have revised this blog introduction with evidence of change in views to my current understanding that the forces behind the CIA and the global governance dynasties are a clear and present danger to humanity and not Russia. That these forces, and not some ideology like Islam, created every rag-tag alphabet soup of Islamist hardline government or terrorist organisation and that the information is heavily redacted in the public domain. We need to process information on interests and agendas, with the full understanding that money, power and control motivate powerful people and not ideology. We all have to become open-source citizen journalists and take accountability for our own understanding if this is to take place.

Enjoy the blog.

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