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35) Globalisation & Anti-Semitism

By far the worst enemy of Jews that I can see is not anti-semitism as it stands on the surface but rather the cause.  It's this imperial styled Rothschilds Zionism that has laid it's blame through word association and heritage of Jewish family legacy by Mayer Amshel Rothschild (among others) onto Jews in general,  rather that taking accountability themselves.  This is done purposefully in order to hide behind the veil of anti-semitism and they have never been to cocerned about incidental harm they may do for Jewish PR because it works in their favour. The Rothschilds Dynasty developed this blueprint, peaking in the nineteenth century and diversifying and evolving with other heirs like JP Morgan and the Rockerfellers among many others into what it is today.The US Federal Reserve Bank does not disclose it's shareholders or even allow anyone, including the US President, to be privy to their methods behind monetary policy (or the extent to which it influences other Rothschilds…

34) The Rothschilds Dynasty influence in History is quite staggering
Article at link address above:An absolutely staggering and convincing read that will leave you questioning everything you know about the financial backstory of history being THE definative backstory.