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Economic Realities & Geopolitical Stage Synchronize Against U$D Reserve Currency Status.

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Another One Bites The Dust. Finland Loses Its Ongoing Struggle For Sovereignty To NATO Influence.

When it comes to the spread of NATO influence as covered in the media, the focus is usually on Eastern Europe with regard to the counterweight issue with Russia, which is understandable.  Even Alt media seldom covers NATO beyond this overt military context and perhaps focusses on pivot points like Turkey due to the impact they have. This is the fundamental purpose of NATO's existence and self-perpetuation. I have no issues with any of this but I have found the struggles in the Scandinavian areas more interesting because of the way the ideology of NATO has been assimilated and permeated every aspect of life there.  We all know about Julian Assange's battle with Swedish courts who were acting as NATO stooges (and ultimately there were NO CHARGES). Although, if you look throughout the region it is not always so clear, even for the people living there.  Take Finland for example. Parliamentary elections were held on 14 April 2019. It is a much more nuanced battle over (what is pre…

Money Printing For Dummies

The easiest way to get people to appreciate the fundamental fraud of the two forms of bankster currency creation is with an oversimplification. Below are some links to more detailed posts regarding currency creation through history and today.

For Dummies ;)
Central/Reserve bank currency creation (also Quantitative Easing)
By having a private central bank create currency rather than have the state mint it interest-free the state enters into immediate inflation because the private central banks have interest attached for revenue or treasury bondholder profit purposes. The central banks tend to spin what amounts to lack of taxpayer oversight as a good thing and endlessly brag about "independence". The inflation, which is largely due to the money supply being created for the state (for no reason) then becomes the reason itself used to justify its existence, and "price stability" has become the only concern of central banks such as the Federal Reserve Bank in the United S…

Mossad leaks, the internet and Google platforms

These alleged Mossad related email leaks have had the sensitive information removed so don't worry,  nobody can get into any sort of trouble with this lot, but
the email addresses, perverse humour and organogram/communication channells  including some infrustructure etc  are nonetheless interesting if you have the sort of appetites I do.

The reason I'm posting this though primarily is because I am doing a personal search engine experiment and because I use Googles blogger service and experienced a sudden drop off of hits late last year.

I am testing to see if certain text combinations enter into the indexed searchable realm from this Google owned service I use. IE do all terms go on from this platform, stay there and for how long etc?

Additionally, its always interesting to see how data is handled on Googles platforms as well as on the http/https protocols generally and whether its just in my mind that my blogs searchability on Google dropped off or whether words like "I…

Science Falls Apart As Technology Surges Ahead

The title of this post may seem contradictary at first, but I assure you it is not.  The Picture above in my mind marks the end of science in the sense that the big questions were all considered answered and only the search for a unified theory of gravity uniting quantum physics and relativity seemed to persist.  This is a futile task in my mind but we will get there later.  By 1969 a man had walked on the moon and the seeds of the computing revolution were already planted.  Since then all that has happened is that the engineering and technical refinement of already understood science.  In fact, I am dismayed that physics and cosmology are run by mathematicians and the thinking has no bearing on reality.

I am no fan of string theory, it is everything that is wrong with science.  The notion of 11 dimensions is quite patently rubbish.  There are only 3 spatial dimensions.  Reality cannot be a two-dimensional projection around a three-dimensional sphere, and cause cannot be divorced fro…

Weather tools you may find useful for climate fact-checking.

This is simply to provide you with tools to get data for factchecking purposes about atmospheric, ocean and land tempratures and data and include Antartica where so much propaganda is espoused..

For this to be a climate tool rather than a weather tool you would need to restrospectively compile your own data but you can come up with records for very specific data this way which may or may not suit your needs. If you know of better resources please let me know on or by message or tweet on Twitter:9

Antarctica Right Now:

Comprehensive tool:,67.69,3000/loc=28.220,70.334

The Coalition Of The Killing 2: US Seige Warfare In Yemen

Since I wrote this original post over 3 years ago in January of 2016, the situation has only gotten much worse.

23 Million Yemeni are now officially on the brink of starvation as a result of the illegal seige warfare the United States is waging against the poorest nation in the region, not allowing any Iranian or other aid in to many regions with its port blockade among other things.

Its gotten so bad that funerals are now happening as mass events rather than single, intimate ones.

To add insult to injury Secretary Of State Mike Pompeo makes the twisted statements like the ones he makes at the end of this clip.

Sick. Perverse. Disgusting. Revolting.

Meanwhile as the worlds two richest nations continue their genocide against one of the worlds poorest, one has to wonder: How the hell did they manage to hide a haulocaust in the Middle East so well, start…