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Babylonian "Money Magic". The Genesis of modern Bankster mischief.

Babylonian Money Magic is both well understood and misunderstood in equal proportions. Here is a synopsis. There is also an unknown dimension to this genesis of modern banksterism and debt slavery. It is also the genesis of the modern Divide and Rule strategy of the social engineers. How that strategy is employed in the world of today from its beginnings after cataclysm to nationalistic warlords, empire builders and financiers is one of the most interesting stories that could be told but very much neglected in any sober historians take on the historical narrative. Their narrative however, is broken beyond repair so they need to address some serious problems if they want a solid perch to preach from. I've explored the astonishing revision going on at the moment, especially with ancient history, it frames a sensational context for what I'm about to share. But how did empire itself begin with "Divide & Rule"? Why did Alexander The Great end up in Babylon? Was the bi…
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Assumptions in science 9:) Assuming gravity on earth and universally is always the same.

The dinosaur in the room is an issue so massive, if you don't mind the pun, that it could by itself turn much of what is considered settled science on its head. Even more unbelievable is that the physics are actually not disputable, as I will show in a moment the physics prohibiting any possibility of the largest dinosaurs surviving for a full 60 seconds By todays conditions are impossible. Let me say that again, the largest dinosaurs could not last a minute on the earths surface today with the same gravity we experience every day of our lives. 
It's always amazed me how this glaring issue has been skirted over or half-addressed. The implications are extremely serious. It may be precisely because the implications are so serious that it has not been adequately dealt with. Furthermore, the notion of the largest pterosaurs like the pterodactyl and others actually flying, or being able to walk for that matter, or even carry their heads upright without breaking their necks instantly…

What are the true Covid-19 mortality stats for South Africa

Cause of deathRankNumberPercentageTuberculosis129 5136.5%Diabetes mellitus225 2555.5%Other forms of heart disease323 5155.1%Cerebrovascular disease423 1375.1%Human immunodeficiency virus521 8304.8%Hypertensive disease619 9604.4%Influenza and pneumonia719 6384.3%Other viral diseases816 5773.6%Ischaemic heart disease912 8832.8%Chronic lower respiratory disease1012 6592.8%Other natural causes200 40343.9%Non-natural causes51 24211.2%All causes456 612100.0% Cause of deathNumberPercentage of non-natural causesPercentage of all causesOther external causes of accidental injury34 09666.5%7.5%Assault7 56814.8%1.7%Transport accidents6 42512.5%1.4%

Corona Virus Covid-19  (1747 deaths would go here) 

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Classical Physics VS Relativity

Courtesy of Jason Verbelli and his TheRealVerbz YouTube channel, details at the bottom of the post.  There are two parts to his outstanding synopsis  The Huygens–Fresnel principle (named after DutchphysicistChristiaan Huygens and French physicist Augustin-Jean Fresnel) is a method of analysis applied to problems of wave propagation both in the far-field limit and in near-field diffraction and also reflection. It states that every point on a wavefront is itself the source of spherical wavelets, and the secondary wavelets emanating from different points mutually interfere.[1] The sum of these spherical wavelets forms the wavefront.


A post of mine involving redshift which is relevant to critics of emissions theory is HERE