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Why A Gold Standard Is Not Required For Money Creation, Only That The State Is In Control Instead Of Private Banks

Please excuse the quality, I recorded this on a phone. It's just my attempt to clarify why (despite gold being the best form of money) the only critical factor for prosperity is that the Sovereign State, accountable to voters and the constitution (known as democracy) is responsible for creating money at no interest.  This can still be a Fiat money system. The current system of private banksters creating money out of a debt system (also having independence from democratic accountability) is called a Plutocracy and is fundamentally against the free market and democracy in all forms.

This is not related to why gold is undervalued and why it is about to surge in value, it is a seperate issue that does not change the fate of gold specifically.

The Biggest Irony in History. There Are Few Semites In Israel, Only In Palestine, Israel Are The Antisemites.

The Creeping Death Strategy that MSM keeps silent on is a genocide against true Semites

There are few descendants of the Israelite tribe or the Hebrews from the old testament that have been settled in Israel by the British Bankers who created the State of Israel, 
90% percent of Israeli's (and every single PM of Israel there has been) are Ashkenazi Jews from Europe and Asia, or the Russia steppes of Georgia which used to be known as Khazaria, The king of Khazaria converted the nation to Judaism in the 8th Century as a political move after finding the nation caught between the Christian and Islamic movements and wishing to remain affiliated and risk his nation being targeted by either side. The Semites from the bible days are not Khazar/Europe/Asian descendant outsiders moved to Israel from various backgrounds who happen to be of the Jewish faith (Those who were moved in after the war by the British bankers). No, the Semites are the modern day Palestinians (and a few Syrians, Jordani…

Money Creation For Dummies

The Creation Of Money Has Been Made Deliberately Confusing To Hide It's Criminality 
1) Private Central Bank Fiat Money Creation = Inflation
The money creation process is fairly similar in most countries since the same banking cartel has controlling influence over all the worlds central banks through various means.  Since money creation has been seized from the nation state during history through war, political (or legislative) coups and intimidation by the powerful banksters, the banksters now create all the worlds money FOR INTEREST instead of for free, meaning they earn a few cents on every Dollar, Pound Sterling, Rand or Euro printed purely for the privileged of having forcibly removed this right at gunpoint from the taxpayers.

For the history on how the banking dynasties pulled this off, click on the link below:

Because every unit of currency created is born with interest attached which exceeds GDP growth…

4 Point Guide To Understanding & Protecting Yourself From Disinformation

The information wars are nothing new. I don't mean the sort of manipulation used in advertising and marketing (that is another conversation) I mean the purposeful guiding of the formation of thought processes surrounding the values our society holds to create the illusion of free will and well-informed choices. Since Roman times the ruling elite effectively used "Divide & Conquer" and then "Divide & Rule" as the MO for expansion of empire.  The German and Soviets used propaganda almost as well as the West uses it today  The difference is that we are taught propaganda in our "History Lite" syllabus at school but we are taught also that we are now free from it.  We are not taught that there are none so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free. Controlling what the populace thinks and who they perceive their enemies to be is a non-negotiable.  Control cannot be attained without it.  Most Westerners have naively bought into t…

The Wicked Witch Of The West Part 2, The Hillary Rape Crimes

I covered Hillary Clinton's warmongering and war-crimes, as well as her dubious and corrupt ties to wall street, media, big oil, the MIC and the banks in Part 1

But there is a subject I left out because I have a tendency to focus on political and economic reasons behind why powerful interests act, and what their agendas really are when compared to their stated agenda's.  That subject is those bizarre cover-ups of Bill Clinton's rapes, handled in a manner so sociopathic I think the material may have more resonance with the average US voter who can't conceptualize her true depravity when confronted with her political crimes committed mostly half way across the world, or in the realm of numbers and figures.  Her relationship to the presstitute media has once more provided her with salvation, but it has offered little more than slander to the true victims of her husbands (and her) predatory and ruthless ambi…