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4 Point Guide To Understanding & Protecting Yourself From Disinformation

The information wars are nothing new. I don't mean the sort of manipulation used in advertising and marketing (that is another conversation) I mean the purposeful guiding of the formation of thought processes surrounding the values our society holds to create the illusion of free will and well-informed choices. Since Roman times the ruling elite effectively used "Divide & Conquer" and then "Divide & Rule" as the MO for expansion of empire.  The German and Soviets used propaganda almost as well as the West uses it today  The difference is that we are taught propaganda in our "History Lite" syllabus at school but we are taught also that we are now free from it.  We are not taught that there are none so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free. Controlling what the populace thinks and who they perceive their enemies to be is a non-negotiable.  Control cannot be attained without it.  Most Westerners have naively bought into the notion that ideology, rather than money & power, drive the institutions of state and warfare.  This is mental enslavement and this article aims to provide a basic framework for awakening.

The lengths they go to making sure the voters and taxpayers have to access to the secret deals that destroy the workers and make the elite richer, can scarcely be believed. Here MEP Luke Flanagan tries to find out whats in-store for his voters.

1) Free Trade Zones, Central Banks,Trade Agreements, Customs & Currency Unions, Political Unions, open borders & the Biometric chipped ID and Passports.
This is the "meat & bones" of globalization.  The further you take grassroots power from the people, the easier it is to consolidate in central areas for the most powerful to control.

The immigration crises and open borders are huge factors in current presidential and national debates in the 3 areas currently under NWO focus IE Europe, The Middle East and North America.  The process involves first forming trade zones like NAFTA, TTIP and TPP, then Customs Unions and Currency Unions like the EU and finally lifting Visas and immigration restrictions to dissolve national identity, culture and set the broad parameters of unification under a one world government, which has been the focus of the Bilderberg group get-togethers for quite some time.

There is similar ownership in the worlds central banks:
The Takeover of the banks by the Globalists.
Here is how you decipher the lingo and catchphrases into easily understood English:
Is Globalization starting to fail?
What is Globalization Exactly?
How do Big Multinationals destroy Capitalism?
What really happened in Greece?

2) Old Media; The Mainstream Media or MSM
This is Globalization 101: The most basic tool for disinformation and manufacturing the public consent needed for military action and the War On Terror, overthrowing regimes who won't co-operate with US financial interests and concealing the shocking record of the state of Israel. Through mergers and acquisitions all of the large syndicated networks and subsidiaries have now been consolidated into the hands of a few through complex shareholder arrangements.

Here are some examples below:

Are there reliable sources? Sure, here are some that have consistently called outcomes and agenda's in advance:

3) New Media: Google and Facebook, Social media, Avaaz and activist petition sites.
The owners of Facebook, Google & others are Bilderberg regulars and are known collaborators with The NSA, CIA and Israel.
With The rapid decline of the MSM, know known as "dinosaur media" by some, there has been a quick re mobilization into the "new media" with methods that are just as clever.
How can we get around the power of google search and still stay private?

Use StartPage search enhanced by google:
(If you insist on sticking with google there is no real way to bypass the search filtering algorithms that put favored results (not just the paid search promotions) above real news, so you have search intelligently and with purpose.)

On Facebook the algorithms than reduce exposure on shares involving Israel, bank slander, war activism etc can to an extent be offset by downloading and uploading as a pic share rather than sharing a pic on a known activism site and copy and pasting links rather than sharing. 

For email I suggest using Proton Mail for privacy:

I use if you want to contact me, in addition to my spam address where I collect general stuff and all my subscriptions to all my media sources rather than real people.

For blogs there is no real defense for the blogger but you should extend your readers the courtesy of an HTTPS blogger site.

4)The sustainable development summits not the real environmental movement.
To think big oil and the bankers behind it did not see how the green movement could hurt their industry, and take steps to counter it is naive, but not in the way you think.
Never underestimate the power of think tanks, PR & Marketing firms, benevolent sounding foundations and donor funds to come up with methods to achieve the opposite of their stated goals. If you want to know how the Globalists use the green movement to keep polluting and keep taking power away from the people and centralizing it read this:

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