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Weather tools you may find useful for climate fact-checking.

This is simply to provide you with tools to get data for factchecking purposes about atmospheric, ocean and land tempratures and data and include Antartica where so much propaganda is espoused..

For this to be a climate tool rather than a weather tool you would need to restrospectively compile your own data but you can come up with records for very specific data this way which may or may not suit your needs. If you know of better resources please let me know on or by message or tweet on Twitter:9

Antarctica Right Now:

Comprehensive tool:,67.69,3000/loc=28.220,70.334

The Coalition Of The Killing 2: US Seige Warfare In Yemen

Since I wrote this original post over 3 years ago in January of 2016, the situation has only gotten much worse.

23 Million Yemeni are now officially on the brink of starvation as a result of the illegal seige warfare the United States is waging against the poorest nation in the region, not allowing any Iranian or other aid in to many regions with its port blockade among other things.

Its gotten so bad that funerals are now happening as mass events rather than single, intimate ones.

To add insult to injury Secretary Of State Mike Pompeo makes the twisted statements like the ones he makes at the end of this clip.

Sick. Perverse. Disgusting. Revolting.

Meanwhile as the worlds two richest nations continue their genocide against one of the worlds poorest, one has to wonder: How the hell did they manage to hide a haulocaust in the Middle East so well, start…

Why all wars are banker wars

This outstanding synopsis was put out by Michael Rivero himself on his radio show a few years back and put to video by Zane Henry Productions for those that require some visual cues that are quite well done. Michaels website comes highly recomended:

If I could make one video compulsary viewing it would be this one.

There are one or two minor points of contention I have factually, but this synopsis is so insightful, grasps the context of which fits into which so well, that it would feel like splitting hairs to bring them up now. I'll go over them on a later post.

Never before have I heard someone explain the true connection between central banks, war, the petrodollar, the national debt and climate change so brilliantly and so succintly before. He does this monumental task in 40 minutes and does it well.

Here it is: (click on bridge clip below)

If you find yourself incredulous to the claims on education here is the Dodd report to the …

30 years of NOAA tide gauge data debunk 1988 Senate hearing climate alarmist claims

About the Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services (CO-OPS)The Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services (CO-OPS) and its predecessors have gathered oceanographic data along our nation's coasts for over 200 years to protect life, property, and the environment. Serving both the public and other government agencies, CO-OPS is the authoritative source for accurate, reliable, and timely water-level and current measurements that support safe and efficient maritime commerce, sound coastal management, and recreation. The combined efforts, knowledge, and experience of CO-OPS's technicians, scientists, and engineers working to carry out a central mission has led to the development of a reliable center of expertise for coastal physical oceanography.
Read more about CO-OPS:
Mission & Initiatives
Organizational Chart
Contact Information
Strategic Plan 2019-2023
CO-OPS DivisionsNOAA's Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services (CO-OPS) i…

The UN issues a stern warning that we only have 12 years before its too late.....Again!

Does anyone still take these clowns seriously?

Climate Depot reports:

"The United Nations has once again issued another dire climate change report claiming we must act before it’s too late. 

The media has dutifully reportedthis latest round of climate “tipping points.”  The latest UN report has extended the climate deadline by which we must allegedly empower the UN bureaucrats to save the world until 2030 or just 12 more years!
Read more:"

Find the 2030 date especially interesting (UN Agenda 2030).

Even more interesting is the embedded article:

"Climate Bombshell: Global Warming Scare Is Based on ‘Careless and Amateur’ Data, Finds Audit of UN IPCC"
Read here:…

Former President Jimmy Carter: Venezuela Electoral System "Best in the world".

“As a matter of fact, of the 92 elections that we’ve monitored, I would say the election process in Venezuela is the best in the world.”  39th President of the United States JIMMY CARTER