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Whats The Deal With Russia And Turkey?

There is a lot of speculation on this topic in the media, on social media and in the MSM, but everyone interprets the current situation differently (it is not as clear as most geopolitical situations based on reading the lay of the land because much is going on behind the scenes). With a little historical perspective many things come into focus. This article from Eurasian Future, by Adam Garrie frames the situation in a way that, for me, is the most plausible.

Putin Isn’t Bringing Back the USSR and Erdogan Isn’t Bringing Back the Ottoman Empire – Both Are Embracing Genuine Multipolarity with Historically Apt Characteristics "When hypernationalists in Russia or Turkey claim that the two countries are destined for conflict, such voices are merely playing into the hands of those in Europe and the United States who seek to divide and rule Eurasia by exploiting conflicts between the Russia, Turkey and also Iran."
Here is the article:…

The Simple Truth of Vladimir Putin’s Diabolical Plan

In the early 2000s, Vladimir Putin was running a country almost destroyed by corruption, foreign interventions, and pirates bent on privatizing anything of value for western investors. The advance of the globalist doctrine had reached the borders of the country; wars were brewed in former Soviet republics where regime changes and color revolutions were not working. The notorious Russian mob, the Israeli mob, anybody inside the country that could be bought by western pirates was taking a bite from the Russian legacy. Putin stepped in and sorted it out. Putin did not sell Russia out. This was a capital crime.
Later in the decade, Vladimir Putin proposed an initiative known as the “Vladivostok to Lisbon” protocol. The plan was for one gigantic Eurasian market worth tens of trillions of dollars. The plan was for a full and fair integration of Russia within the global context. Only the plan made Russia an integral partner rather than a network of small banana republics like Yugoslavia beca…

Israel the rogue state.

Let's get a few things straight upfront.
Anti-Israel is being against the state of Israel.
Anti-Zionism is being against the Jewish state based on destiny by virtue of divine providence.
Anti-semitism etymologically is hatred of all Semitic prople, including Arabs, Assyrians, Ethiopians and Jews. Colloquially, just Jews. The commonly accepted understanding has come to mean aversion to religious Jews even Israel's Ashkenazi Jews despite no genetic lineage to the Israelites of the Bible.
Anti-goverment of Israel (or simplyopposition, if in Israel) is being against the current Israeli government.

Not all Anti-goverment are Anti-Israel.
Not all Anti-Israel are Anti-Zionists.
Not all Anti-Zionists are Anti-semites.
All Anti-semites are racist.

Here is my more detailed position on the Issue because I won't be wasting any effort replying to the usual crowd who lack the intellectual fortitude to process this issue beyond the infantile chant of "anti-Semite". I will never be shut…

CO2 is not a pollutant, it is greening the earth!

Whatever your persuasion is on CO² and AGW, nobody disagrees on the tremendous benefit it provides plant life. Many of the past famine disasters and desertification has CO² decline listed as a contributor.

I feel I've already blown the notion that humans are the main cause of climate change out of the water. Or rather I've used the reasoning of others and put it together in a convenient outline. See my previous post above for starters.  However, I recognize that humans do increase CO² levels, no matter how tiny. Increases are likely to be very short lived because the earth has an effective feedback mechanism, but we can apparently get small increases, and it's been put forward on very poor science that this is a bad thing. That assertion hinges completely on bad models. More on that in the bottom most link.  Model's and the measurement sample dates are dubious at best.

Furthermore, the main increase in CO²  as…

Assumptions In Science 1) Dark Matter does not exist.

50 years after the basics of the galactic rotation problem have been solved now that electrodynamics propagating through ionised plasma are understood to make up the fillimentry currents and associated magnetic fields that drive them, we haven't admitted to ourselves that gravity isn't the primary force at galactic scales. It is at solar system scales but is may even be entirely irrelevant at galactic orders of magnetude. Even though the search for the dark matter required for the joke of a model, LAMBDA-CDM (cold dark matter model which for some reason dominates cosmology despite no predictive success and nothing but failure).

The futile search for dark matter still rages on. It remains still to this day utterly imperceptible to mortals. Either its very good at hiding itself, or the rather more obvious scenario presents itself. It quite obviously does not exist! The assumption that gravity alone shapes the cosmos lead to failure of reasoning involving imagining invisible mat…

Sheep Science

I did a broadly cast takedown of the lie of consensus science recently where I unpack exactly what the so-called consensus is, why it's a fraud and include:

*The historical record of EXCLUSIVELY bad climate "science" that has never even made one single prediction of the calibre required for a true scientific model.
*That climate change is the same in all planets, they all heat and cool at the same time.
*How data is manipulated.
*WHY data is manipulated
*The obviously untrue stretch that each year is the hottest on record
*The political forces driving the lie and the misconception of who stands to gain and why.

Here is the post:
The written post is rich with reputable sources, data libraries, links, references and interviews.

And the Audio file:
The audio file will suit you if you want to lis…