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Insane in the Ukraine: What is Poroshenko's game?

Porky has upcoming presidential elections and its not looking good for him. Russia is of course the bogiman again. I find this beyond ironic. Ukraine in its current incarnation is simply a vassal of empire, although its gotten off lightly compared to such nations as Syria and Libya.
Ukraine is nowhere near as fortunate as Crimea, rescued from the empire by Russia just as they rescued Syria but with the added protection of now being incorporated into Russia, thanks to Putin's swift action and the now famous referendum that broke all records in attendance and outcomes with almost all votes opting to join Russia.

So far the circumstantial case is not looking good for Porky.

Most regime change states either end up destroyed or run by a dictatorship that accomodates Western interests. Is Ukraine going to be an exception? Unlikely...

Meanwhile, something is up. And there is clear collusion and foresight here. A US contractor accidentally revealed a US military specialist deployment in t…

The desperate attempt to link forrest fires to Climate Change is not even supported by the facts.

The Climate Change fear-mongering of years and decades past has all but been exposed, since most of all the times "we have ten years left" have passed, I think its safe to say the science was not quite as settled as they would have us believe. This major loss of credibility in the scientific community I don't blame on scientists, the vast majority of those involved were usually grant funded and depended on political agendas if they wanted to keep their jobs and eat or secure funding. Politics fails and drags everything down with it. Science left without agenda's will always send man to the moon or internet to the palm of your hand.

The tenuous link between temperature posed at 1° of warming, which appears itself to be dubious, and a rampant alleged increase in forrest fires and "OMG we are all going to die" conclusions are so childishly clear to be infested with agendas that you would need to not be able to see the wood for the burned down trees to miss it…

The United States uses chemical weapons.

The US usage and supply of chemical weapons seems to go back as far as you are prepared to investigate. For the current situation in the Middle East there is a good case to be made that based on OPCW findings it was either Turkish backed or US backed rebels that used chlorine gas and Sarin gas to frame Assad, who has since been cleared despite that important part receiving practically no coverage in Western media.

That gas can be traced back to Donald Rumsveld when he worked as an economic hitman in the Chemical Industry, and supplied it to Sadam Hussein, himself a CIA man at the time, for use against Iran in the Iran/Iraq war they were plotting.

I love this above clip from CNN most of all because its CNN of all people, and because of Rumsvelds surprise that a CIA embedded news agency would rumble him on his earlier closed door meetings. He thinks fast on his feet though. They subsequently brought their man down but are still trying to nail Iran any way they can. Iran was toppled onc…

Climate Change In One Diagram.

I never said it would be a simple diagram

Russian Revolution Or Bolshevik Coup Funded By Internationalists?

The Issue at question is the November Revolution. Just as much of ancient history was probably adjusted by the powerful religious authorities that existed in the past due to their tight control over narratives, so to do we find that even relatively modern history is tweaked and adjusted by the influencers of the syllabus, curriculum and research at academic institutions.

Below you will find an excellent but old talk of the variety you don't get anymore by Professor Antony Sutton, who taught economics at California State University, and was a research fellow at Stanford University's Hoover Institution.

When I do public domain research I always am interested in the most rebuked views, and then check out both sides of the argument, this appears sounder than the arguments opposing it which largely uses information I've already established to be propaganda as its counter argument.
In this talk, Prof. Sutton goes into his impeccable research on how a close-knit group of Western fi…

Who Are The Globalists? A Straight Answer.

Its not a short answer, but expecting a quick-fix answer is what is preventing people from framing  their understanding of the issue.  With the subversion of sovereign states by globalist entities such as the EU, there has been much push-back by citizens fearing border security and loss of voice in representation. 
This in turn has resulted in the much maligned (by globalist media) populism surge and two notable setbacks at by the voice of Democracy, BrExit and Trump. Your feelings about Trump are not relevant, regardless of what they are you simply need to recognize i  principle that even if he breaks all the rest of the promise he made as candidate his win is a barometer of the social attitude. 

But who is this shadowy group?  Who they are is both well understood and poorly understood.  You need your faculties balanced and a critical take on affairs to work it out.  Prejudice will get you nowhere closer to the hit and miss information already so prevalent.

Websters advises the followin…