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18) Americans are the first of the worlds people who need saving from the USA

Whilst on the surface it may appear that this is an Ant-United States Blog, it is just the opposite.  While “patriots” are killed in foreign wars benefiting corporations, mothers think their sons are dying for their country.  They don’t realise they are, in effect, mercenaries for hire.

Meanwhile, the Lobby system makes bribery the official policy determination system in Washington; we haven’t seen hypocrisy like this since the Prohibition.

The money itself is created not by the US Mint, but instead by the world’s most crooked private company, the Federal Reserve. The money is created essentially by generating debt courtesy of the fractional reserve system of money creation. A very good case could be made for this being the archetypical “root of all evil”

It’s very much a 1% vs the 99% situation, and elements of  the 1% honestly do have control over the media and news/entertainment sources which wield such powerful influence over the manipulated masses of Sheeple.

I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve had with educated academics and successful business people who buy into even the least sophisticated forms of Orwellian crowd control.  I’m talking issues that can easily be repudiated with verifiable sources or facts.  Spin becomes a powerful tool when merged with one’s identity.
Fast food, vapid consumer culture and a wall street culture of excess remain the flavour of the decade while reality tv and award show pop culture form the richness of young lives rather than literature, art and real world history and issues.

InsideJob2010Poster.jpgWho Killed The Electric Car cover.jpgI honestly feel most of this will improve over time and occur by a process of natural self-correction once the parasites are removed.

Socially responsible movements and documentaries like "Who Killed the Electric Car?" and a film I'll cover more thoroughly in my next post 19) Economic Meltdown, called "Inside Job".

Human nature is not as fucked up as we think it is IF WE UNDERSTAND HOW TO MANAGE IT.

Until the American People are rescued from this Matrix Like reality, they will always vote in Democrats or Republicans, instead of Independents in the past like Ron Paul, who have in the past contested US elections on issues that really can fundamentally alter US and therefore world society.

Only once this battle is won can the world be saved from America, by America.

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