13 Feb 2015

Jordan And The Makeshift "Coalition"


When coalition forces first bombed Syrian infrustructure under the guise of bombing ISIL exclusively

People wanted to know who the makeshift coalition of gulf oil states yes-men was and what their agenda is beyond the U.S. ongoing agenda to bomb Syria.
Bahrain, Jordan, UAE? We all know Saudi Arabia sponsors terrorism and runs a mass execution program for crimes such as "Sorcery", but lets look at Jordan and its role in creating IS and cooperating with Israel and the U.S. in using civil engineering to engineer Palestine into the desert and off the map.

Before they were known as ISIS/ISIL/IS they were simply Syrian rebels that the U.S. thought would be a very good idea to arm and train against Assad in Syria, where the U.S. has been seeking a a lucrative military campaign for years.

From the first report here: http://www.wnd.com/2012/02/mideast-war-in-march/

Through hundreds of reports in 2013 like this:

What has the role of Jordan been in Clandestine training of IS jihadists been?

It's been the lynchpin, which makes sense when you look at the economic and oil cooperation between Jordan, Israel and the United States. Just look at they assisted stealing Palestinian Natural Gas, and how the water deals they made leave Palestine high and dry!

Here below is an Article from the Ron Paul institute that is a little more forgiving: (And here is the follow up by Ron Himself discussing Obamas ongoing push for war in Syria)

written by daniel mcadams

Jordan's King Abdullah reacted emotionally to a video showing the apparent immolation of a Jordanian fighter pilot shot down over Syrian airspace. The Jordanian leader promised to fight ISIS, who killed the pilot, until his military ran "out of fuel and bullets." His vows of revenge even included quoting Clint Eastwood to US lawmakers.
When he arrived back in Jordan from Washington, where he happened to be when the pilot was killed, he swiftly executed three prisoners in an apparent demonstration of resolve.
The White House vowed to stand united with Jordan to "defeat [the] scourge" of ISIS.
Abdullah's strident stance against jihadists fighting to overthrow the Assad government in Syria is, if genuine, quite a turnaround. After all, for the past three-plus years he provided assistance and safe passage for all manner of radical jihadist to enter Syria through Jordan. 
Yes, Abdullah had long been an ally of sorts to the kinds of radicals responsible for burning alive Jordanian pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh. He provided space and cooperation to US and NATO's rebel training programs on Jordanian soil, with many "graduates" of the program later joining ISIS and al-Qaeda
In 2013, Syrian president Assad warned Jordan's Abdullah that he was "playing with fire" by supporting the rebels fighting to overthrow the Syrian government. How right he was. Literally.
Burning prisoners alive is breathtakingly barbaric. Providing aid and comfort to the kinds of people would do such things is, in many respects, even worse.
Save the tears, Abdullah, you helped create this mess.