2 May 2016

The Wicked Witch Of The West Part 2, The Hillary Rape Crimes

I covered Hillary Clinton's warmongering and war-crimes, as well as her dubious and corrupt ties to wall street, media, big oil, the MIC and the banks in Part 1 


But there is a subject I left out because I have a tendency to focus on political and economic reasons behind why powerful interests act, and what their agendas really are when compared to their stated agenda's.  That subject is those bizarre cover-ups of Bill Clinton's rapes, handled in a manner so sociopathic I think the material may have more resonance with the average US voter who can't conceptualize her true depravity when confronted with her political crimes committed mostly half way across the world, or in the realm of numbers and figures.  Her relationship to the presstitute media has once more provided her with salvation, but it has offered little more than slander to the true victims of her husbands (and her) predatory and ruthless ambition.  They are now just collateral damage, just like the bodies of Libyan and Syrian children after her needless wars.

This video looks at the evidence and contrasts her stated attitude to sexual assault victims with her actions and exposes her as someone who exploits (rather than fights for) women everywhere.

Here is the best case I could find for letting Hillary off the hook on this, it's weak at best. Snopes is a reasonable source, but they can unintentionally function as establishment apologists because of the resources they use, and have been known to get it wrong on issues requiring more subtle understanding of international geopolitics.  The weak case they make here I think shows up that fact because they focus on the wrong aspect of this particular case:

Here are a few links for media coverage in a similar direction: