8 Sep 2016

Is the Terror Threat To Americans Worth The Trillions Spent?


Considering that the "War on Terror" began (supposedly) when 15 Saudis and one or two other chaps somehow hijacked planes and managed to pilot them dead-on target into buildings, and bring one building down with voodoo and a couple small office fires (WT7), then attacking Afghanistan and Iraq, who we now know had no WMD's or ties to Al Qaeda, was a MAJOR FAIL based on that alone.

But who does have ties to Al Qaeda (Al Nusra)??

The United States, that's who does.  They fund them and other rebels in Syria against Assad to the tune of billions.

But hang on, wasn't that the whole point of the War on Terror? Find Al Qaeda?  Nobody mentioned that they were only looking for them to give them arms and fund them to bring democracy to all Middle Eastern States not run by Washington's puppets?

So lets look at outcomes, it's cost trillions to destroy 5 nations in the Middle East, ISIS flourished in the vacuum, they create a new record for terror attacks in Europe while those in the US are more likely to be shot by their own police? Plus there is a refugee crises in Europe due to Washingtons wars and US taxpayers are expected to fork out for more of Washingtons wars???

Wow, you have to be some kind of sad, stupid individual to believe that unbelievable steaming pile of crap!