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What does the US get back in return for its overwhelmingly exorbitant funding of Israel?

Here are the shocking (to the US taxpayer whose benefits have disappeared for this) facts on Israels full benefits, if it is still up for a change and hasn't been removed Everyone knows the United States is Israel's best friend. It has the most (or possibly only) Pro Israel foreign policy in the world. The US gives Israel billions of dollars in aid annually, consistently blocks UN Security Council resolutions condemning Israel, and backs its military offensives publicly. But why? What's the thinking behind America going above-and-beyond for Israel while leaving its own people with flailing schools, jobs and social benefits? Well there are 3 clear factors. Each one will get its own post from me in the coming weeks.
1) Votes? The large Jewish community resident in the US?
Its not as big as you think.

This is an interesting aspect and very misunderstood, if you have read my previous post on Globalization and Anti-Semitism you'll realize I thi…

The torture reports are watered down lies. Heres why, What are your thoughts?

The torture or advanced interigation details doing the rounds dont tell the truth about the legacy of US torture in the last decade. Rape, child abuse in front of parents and the worst kind of sadism imaginable are the real legacy as pointed out by one example here:

In the wake of the latest outrage of further details of recent much milder half truths regarding CIA torture being made public we just have to wonder what we stand for in the west if these are our methods? Some people don't seem to mind, please vote in the poll in the top left of the blog body whatever your feelings may be. More disturbing arguably are the without trial assassinations carried out on foreign soil known as drone killings. Since 2004 (According to Wikipedia), the United States government has attacked hundreds of targets in Northwest Pakistan using unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) controlled by the Central Intelligence Agency's Speci…

Gold is about to sink the Dollar, soon.

Following hot on the heels of Germany and the Netherlands, now Belgium's central bank has just indicated it will repatriate its US gold supplies. This is big. Huge. It thwarts the Feds all out assault on keeping gold at such a massively undervalued level, a level desperately needed to prevent the dollars demise and its a slippery slope downhill from here for the $. Russia and China have been buying whatever gold they can get their hands on in anticipation of the fiat dollar house of cards finally exposing its feeble foundation. Belgium is particularly interesting because Brussels is the the EU HQ and it sends a strong sign out revealing that there is a broader game afoot. Something's up...

The worst legislation in US history, H Res 758, summary of the problems.

Designed to consolidate the US national position on Russia in order to facilitate the the geopolitical, military and diplomatic action that will be required in the build up to war.

Here is the full PDF document:

A summary of some of the problems copied and pasted from RPI

The resolution (paragraph 3) accuses Russia of an invasion of Ukraine and condemns Russia’s violation of Ukrainian sovereignty. The statement is offered without any proof of such a thing. Surely with our sophisticated satellites that can read a license plate from space we should have video and pictures of t…