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The World Is In Trouble, To Protect Yourself You Need To Understand What Caused It First.

The outlook for 2016 is unfolding exactly as I said it would.  But I'm not psychic and I am also not a pedigreed expert in economics or geopolitics, at least I wasn't when I started down the rabbit-hole, I can assure of that right now.  I've been brash, provocative and arguably arrogant at times about what's in store, and I've always felt anyone who has taken the time to read up on what I have would arrive at the same conclusions.  My time and effort spent works to your advantage, if you go back and track what I've written about you can understand the process that lead me here for yourself, and for pity's sake please check out the recommended sites on the right hand side of this blog (either hover your mouse pointer over the receded tabs or click on them, depending on your OS, browser or device).  There is a treasure chest of top drawer knowledge available to anyone who is interested.  It is interest alone, not ability that stands in your way.  Look at the …

The Ultimate Guide to Mainstream Media.

Image courtesy RT

RT has just released an outstanding and informative guide to the mainstream media landscape, with a fantastic clean user interface and all the information you need to approach with the appropriate caution.

Click Here:

Goldman Sachs Rules The World

By way of introduction:

To understand the relationship to banksterism and governments and the push for austerity (we have already demonstrated the Bansksters and the Petrodollar relationship to war) we have to follow the breadcrumbs.  Lets start by making a clear link to just one financial institution and world government and central banks.  If we did this exercise with all the top banks, we would account for the entirety of western government and the financial structure that backs it. 

Firstly, before austerity, where do we stand in terms of war efforts just to quickly review? Afghanistan, after the longest military campaign in US history, is basically being handed back to the Taliban. Iraq doesn't actually exists as a sovereign nation anymore after the US "mistakenly" (yeah, right) invaded and occupied it, but as three seperate regions, of which one of…

Coalition Of The Killing

Part of the 30 billion dollar F-15 US deal to Saudi Arabia, with a 64 billion deal to follow.
When the worlds richest nations like the US and UK provide intelligence, surveillance and arms to another of the worlds richest nations, Saudi Arabia, to butcher the regions poorest nation, Yemen, that is not a coalition of the willing, that is a coalition of the killing.  It's a wholesale butcher party and everyone wants to profit on the action.  There is fresh insult to the injury considering Obama's recent crocodile tears, every-time he "Thinks of those Kids" involving recent US mass shootings.  Well what about your drone murders in Africa, Yemen, Pakistan, Iraq etc?  What about the thousands of innocents you killed while your coked up jockeys pushed the "kill" button for you, be you never shed any tears then?
The True horrors of the drone assassination program is outlined here…

Preparing For The Collapse Of The Petrodollar.

Everything you need to know appears in this brilliantly structured series on the Follow The Money Site, the first in series of four articles is HERE =>

Former Deputy Treasury Secretary Paul Craig Roberts plumps out the surrounding factors of Washingtons criminality from the perspective of a highly educated and highly informed insider

The rest of the world is mobilizing to ditch the dollar by ditching the petrodollar.

And the preparations for the final nail in the coffin, a Yuan and a Ruble backed by gold, (which will likely see a snowballing exit from the dollar) are fast underway....…

The Wicked Witch Of The West.

THE SCANDALS: Let's get one thing straight, both Benghazi and the Hillary Emails Scandal are witch-hunts, but only because THERE IS A WITCH! These political commentators, even the comedy guys on the left that I enjoy (and are actually usually quite insightful) have missed the boat here. These guys want leave Hillary alone over the scandals. Don't forget they are typically pro-Dem and are either contractually obliged by media bosses or duped into thinking there is a difference between corporate owners of DEM/GOP, they suggest its just political ammunition.  Well.., sure, but to suggest its time to leave Hillary alone.... NO!  No No No. That's just NOT good enough. The truth is they don't mean harm, they just don't realize what they are saying. With the possible exception of bloodthirsty psychopath John McCain, Hillary is the absolute worst choice available on the planet. 

The New Year’s Eve release of over 3000 new Hillary Clinton emails from the State Department has C…