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How To Become The Symbol Of Resistance Against Empire.

It's not about who you are, it's about what you represent. Those seeking to overthrow Bashar al Assad are turning him into a symbol of resistance against the Military Industrial Complex, oil industry and banker backed empire behind NATO and the Gulf state region. The irony is so thick you can cut it with a knife. Just like Che Guevara came to represent (even to Westerners) more than just the Argentine Marxist revolutionary he actually was, the idea is harder to fight than the person.  All sorts of facts are starting to emerge regarding the true facts and SAA casualties during (what essentially amounted to Western NGO and insurgency activity) during the fake Arab Spring, a PR exercise designed to lend legitimacy to the efforts in Libya, Egypt, Syria and elsewhere. Back in 2011, before all of the media was essentially recruited by the complex shareholder arrangement that eventually brings all of MSM under one narrative, some Western press reports, were still slightly less biased (,8599,2061364,00.html)  Sure, they never reported on the agitation of the likes of Hillary Clinton exploiting tensions between Sunni and Alawite Muslims, but they never had the leaked emails spilling all the beans

Posters of Syria president Bashir Al Assad have started appearing in Yemen capital Sanaa.
It is also proven beyond reasonable doubt that Assad was framed in the Ghouta sarin gas attacks, the main pretext for the "Assad must go" policy the US propaganda masters have been hiding behind to enforce their proven "Regime Change 101" formula of soft power grabs.

What's really important here is what Assad's victory, with the help of Russia, represents to the bigger picture. For the first time we are seeing the globalists comprehensively defeated.  The cost has been the blood of Syrians, and a wave of refugees, just like with Libya, spreading across Europe.  It's only a matter of time before European taxpayers connect the dots between their governments wars to overthrow these trumped up "brutal dictators" and the refugee crises.  They are already calling into question their support of the true brutal dictators, the Wahhabi extremists of Saudi Arabia (alarmingly similar to the head choppers of ISIS.)

The Writing is on the wall.

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