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Fake News, Fake Wars, Fake Money, Fake Reality TV, Fake food, Fake Causes, Fake Celebrity & Fake Democracy. .

Liberal Snowflakes live in a world where all that ever drives anything is Climate Change,  Sexism,  Racism and various other PC issues where the way we solve issues is not uncovering their causes,  it's focusing on the window dressing and expanding upon the list of what the wrong offensive words are.  This is the manufactured consent generation with no real understanding of the world and such a strident lack of nuance and ability to explore the real underlying root causes of issues  that we are seeing a new phenomenon emerge.  The cause driven psychotic episode.

This psychological crises appears to stem from being in a state of conflict about strongly held beliefs clashing with clear evidence,  producing detachment from reality because,  just like with religion,   when your identity is tied into your beliefs,  and your beliefs are threatened,  the person you believe you are is threatened,  producing either crises or delusion.  Delusion is how our mind protects us against crises.

Let's look at a few issues of 'Snowflake Meltdown'

The title picture of the Syrian revolution being linked to climate change.  
This is perverse.  We know neither climate or the propaganda alleging government abuse drives the exodus. A complex story of human tragedy,  of a people pulling together under tremendous odds attacked by powerful external  forces,  being cheapened to a snowflake issue.

Here is the reality behind the refugees issue in Syria,  very few of whom are farmers .  Don't let them cheapen it.
Drive around Ghouta with President Bashar Al Assad and see destruction.  Or below get an aerial view of Homs by drone footage (courtesy AFP News Agency and RT) to utter see utter devastation.

Climate Change is sexism,  Hillary Clinton :
I don't even know where to start:

Text link:

Stop using the word 'Man'  (Courtesy Fox News)  disingenuous balancing act between satire and the down right infuriating and entirely focally misplaced movement to crush 'gender bias'.  There surely is a better way to campaign for gender equality?

But more insidious is what's happening in Delaware where primarily schools can override parents with children's gender Identity or race and keep it secret from parents.

The BBC does not believe they should be holding power to account stopping their government selling arms to let the Saudis Butcher the Yemeni people,  but rather they have their finger on the pulse of the nation. MANSPLAINING., MANTERUPTING The real issues are given a shot in the arm with new vocabulary.  Clip courtesy BBC.  The BBC tries to strike an awkward balance with humour,  but fails as things always do when there is serious  contention proposed.

If you ask me,  this is yet more divide and conquer rhetoric,  only now the damage on the mental health of the Western society is being turned into some kind of perverse Borat satire.

But for all the Liberal Snowflakes out there,  don't fear,  can get yourself an experts Political Analysis Set for under $15.00

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