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Meltdown: A Quick Synopsis Of The Current Psychotic Break From Reality On The Left.

Unlike most people I never take firm sides in partisan politics. Apart from prefering to weigh in on an (issue by issue) basis there is a big picture reason I take this position which I thoroughly deconstruct here in this post, please have a read if you have a strong position on the topic of partisanship: but that does not mean I don't take interest in the changing favour and fortunes of each side of the partisan divide.

All my social values are liberal but I've been watching the slow motion train wreck currently happening in liberal politics absolutely astounded by what's going on, especially after the fiasco of the Trump/Putin Helsinki summit. Discussions with "team blue" seem to reveal the following rationale being pervasive:

Regarding the fact that there is no evidence of meddling by the Russian state in the 2016 US Election
1) If you do not accept the word of shadowy intelligence agencies, then you are either an idiot, a traitor or a Kremlin spy.
The assertion that any faith whatsover should be placed in this vipers nest of traitors (with their endless troves of secret evidence) is surely the worst idea anyone In the United States of Amnesia has ever had. Let's have a look at their record over the last two decades:

*Sadam has WMD's but the evidence is classified (one million dead Iraqis are the collateral damage on this one)
*No boots on the ground.
*Assad must go, he uses chemical weapons (turns out that was another big, fat lie)
*We look forward to the Liberation from dictator Ghadaffi and a new dawn for the country.
*The War on Terror will send a strong message to the world that terrorists will have nowhere to hide (just prior to ISIS being established)
*Anyone aiding or abetting terrorists will face the might of the US military (this did not obviously apply to the US, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey or Israel, all of whom have been doing precisely that using the moniker "rebels" as they bring down sovereign governments)

Regarding the absolute indignation of the US possibly being meddled with by the Russian state, and subsequent outrage
2) The US has the moral high ground to stand up to foreign interference as a bastion of liberty that respects human rights and freedoms. 

*Never has such an utterly absurd notion been put forward that is actually supposed to be taken seriously.
Here's why, from governments own data the US, with its 1000 international military bases, literally wrote the book on meddling, regime change, psyops, blackops, interference, disruptions, sanctions, economic hitmen, foreign coups, colour revolution etc etc.

*If you are still in doubt take it from the horse's mouth. This clip details similar facts, from a left leaning show, quoting a Democrat senator explaining the US is currently running subversive military campaigns in 76 countries AS WE SPEAK!

Dems: Nobody but the American people should decide our elections.
3) Also Dems: illegal immigrants who are not citizens should be able to vote in our elections.
*I simply don't know what to say here...

 Onthe issue of $100k being spent on Russian Facebook ads
4) Foreign money and representation is nothing short of treason, and anyone involved should be indicted.
*As foreign lobby groups like Israel lobby AIPAC and the Saudis spend billions bribing their leaders in Washington on every bill passed, while voters vote only once.... every five years..
*Let it be known there is no Russian lobby....

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