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Mass African Exodus From The ICC A Massive Blow To Imperialism

The International Criminal Court, while ignoring the offenses of States such as Israel, has long been used to steer the influence carried out in Africa by imperialistic, bankster driven interests in the name of “justice” and lend legal legitimacy to their imperialistic goals. This so called justice follows the same lines of “justice” used to undermine national sovereignty in Ukraine, Syria, etc. Whether it is the direct influence of military interventions such as Iraq & Libya, armed and funded insurgency such as Syria, or more “soft power” influence of NGO's, Councils and Foundations such as in Ukraine, Egypt & Syria again, the ends always justify the means for those seeking hegemony and extending the uni-polar world which is so far quite firmly under the control of the powerful globalist cabal. That cabal features overlapping hands in the banking, military, food, media and military industries along with their lobbied stooges of the political establishment.

In Africa we see that Gambia, South Africa and Burundi have each already recognized this clear and present danger and signaled their intent to leave the ICC, with Kenya & Sudan set to follow suite. It is heartening to see resistance coming from the African continent who are increasingly becoming aware that there is a battle on for global influence and that they cannot remain neutral without the danger of becoming pawns in the way the nations of the Middle East have already fallen victims to. The reality is that if Africa wants to realize it's dream of an African Renaissance it will have to recognize this battle and align itself in a way that is more discerning. I feel that this is what is happening. With the overthrow of Libya and the CIA arming and funding Islamist terror groups all over Africa in a similar way it does in the Middle East, and building of a new drone base in Africa by the US, there is a renewed push by US to extend its influence in Africa and it is only set to increase as the declining West loses global influence. It is failing for the first time in the Middle East thanks to Russian involvement in Syria & strained relations with Turkey, and failing in the far East as China finds nations such the Philippines eager to cooperate for mutual benefit. The latter is terrible news for the US when one considers the impending stand-off in the South China Sea conflict.

If you want to know just how pathetic the understanding of global developments is in South Africa, consider this article from a so called progressive site like the Daily Maverick, which is typical of the line towed by ill-informed SA media:

It will be very interesting to follow such developments in the future. Local media will always defend Western institutions, so it is always important to bear the bigger picture in mind and frame each story in the proper context unless you keen to flirt with danger of becoming just another pathetic media sheep, just another good dog barking for his biscuit.

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