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Trump is right about China, but fails to realise it's Israels Mossad stealing their tech for China in an alliance switch where Israel is playing them.

I have an upcoming post on operation Talpiot. A Mossad operation to which all the breadcrumbs lead. It's not Chinese spies, It's Mossad spies that the US Deep State already shares tech with.  Trump either doesn't know it or is being wilfully deceitful.  Even a casual Google search of this and it will become plain to you. I've posted some examples in links at the bottom of this post. Hang in for a post I'm preparing on operation Talpiot which will place this in context.  For further context see the excellent open source investigation which I believe has come close to solving the 9/11 false flag operation.
Here it is:
In this sense even fringe media censored gloryhound Alex Jones has a point, and I'm staying neutral on this just seeing how it turns out.
Remember Jones, before he was gotten to, used to be spot on, he's become increasingly right wing and terrified of Israel. See below his predictions of an upcoming false flag just before the main World Trade Centre attack, including his assertion regarding the first World Trade Center bombing and Oacklahoma.
He's dropped many clues for those who have been listening.

Trump is another person whose been gotten to. It's obvious, cast your mind back:

Here is a video from 28/6/2001 which had to keep being uploaded from VHS, and explained at the time everything that was about to go down, and gets increasingly harder to believe as it progresses.

Incredulous as you may be, if you are on the fence and are on the fence, this is the right time to keep an open mind. This affects everyone, and everyone's voice is needed.

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