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... Infinity...

Did  you know that you get different sizes of infinity?  IE numbers  are infinite but so is a set of all EVEN numbers even though any given range only contains half the no.  (of numbers)

This is the most basic of conundrums with infinity.  The video below explores all the interesting quirks regarding this mind bending concept in an entertaining way.

And below a slightly  more math/physics angle with s focus on singularities 

I'm taking a stab at explaining Quantum Mechanics, Time & LightSpeed in laymans terms, as a Layperson.... In one post!

As ambitious as it sounds It's deceptively simple.  Although I need some creative license for the broader understanding. It all boils down to things being able to happen rather than not happen.  Hang in there with me for one second...

At the root we must actually start with a premise of Quantum Mechanics rather than lead up to it!

Why must information come in preset quanta or packets of data rather than a smooth sliding scale?  Because to have causality and therefore time Itself you need to (at some point) break with infinity because when it comes to EXISTING ,  infinity turns the universe into nothing if it's involved in any SEQUENCE in certain areas of nature. In fact the Zero/Infinity equivalence is the prevailing theme of the universe itself.

Let me use deliberately mischievous phrasing here to sound like I'm talking nonsense, just to see if I can talk my way out of it. I'm not being a dick about, its the coolest way to make the point!

The reason why there is somet…

Sky Censorship

CNN and Sky always mark my perfectly reasonable,  merit based and polite comments as spam because there is an opinion challenging their monolithic narrative

SKy Censorship

The Elephant In The Room With mass Shootings

In the aftermath of yet another mass shooting in the United States, the internet and broadcast news alike are inundated with commentary about why this keeps happening in America. Some blame guns, others blame mental health, and still others confidently blame false flag events or over medication.

But one commonality among numerous mass killings in the United States remains absent from these conversations. It is always reported when details of the shooter are published, but the widespread connection is rarely acknowledged: A mounting number of mass shooters have ties to the military

Regime Change 101 in a meme.

A simple recipe for regime change or color revolution in one simple  meme.

NewsWeak Update: Newsweek Update

Here is the link to my previous NewsWeak update from late last year:

As my header pic makes clear, Newsweek is a former bastion of dinosaur media. It's one of the establishments staples for controlling the narrative and their content is questionable at best. But as the video from the Corbett Report below points out, some unexpected truthbombs are popping out of them in light of the recent troubles they have been having. This is truly amazing and makes for interesting speculation as to the future of all old media.

Erdogan Did Not Stage The Failed Turkish Coup. FETO & US Intelligence Services Did!

All Wars Are Banker Wars: Regime Change, Neocons; Ashkenazi/Disapora, How Zionists & Globalists perverted the Judeo Christian Alliance.

Alternatively, while the Dems & Wall St. steer US policy via the Media, University's, Hollywood & the likes of George Soros, The Neocons were traditionally more concerned with David Rockerfeller, The Trilateral Commission , The Council on Foreign Relations etc, they all had one thing in common. They Hijacked the USA just as the Khazar, Byzantine Europeans from the Caucus region, descendants of the Hun, Ottoman and Khazarian empires have hijacked Judaism from the descendants of the Hebrews /Israelites of the Bible. Now this perversion of the Judeo Christian alliance has, through never ending war and regime change,  began creating a perverted form of Islam,  Wahabism and Islamism though the region.

This shit has got to stop....

Must Read: Here is how we got to the point this segment in my "All Wars Are Banker Wars" Series. The History goes back hundreds of years and I've concisely summarised it here:…

Alternatives: Modern Monetary Theory MMT

I have not copied any text from the source but provided a link only because I want anyone looking for info on MMT to consult this source and while there take the time to peruse the wide ranging and informative blog.

Click this text for a link to the information.

I'd like to include this type of thinking in the world's solutions and alternatives repertoire because I devote the vast majority of my energy to fiat alternatives and criticism of govt deficit spending etc and in the interests of balance it's important to include thinking within this framework, which is, after all, a reality.

Click this text for a link to the Facebook page.
The Homosociologicus Blog and FB page is maintained by Lars Jørgensen 

Seeing Bitcoin as an investment only is missing the point entirely

If you pay attention to the average investors advice, and you have any sort of vague grasp of the ideology behind Cryptocurrency, you will straightaway notice that many are fimly locked into a paradigm that they seem unable to begin to appreciate may be causing their myopia.  They cannot fundamentally let go of the outdated notion that Crypto is a stock or investment, and that alone is what makes them unable to understand what is happening as anything but a bubble. The real bubbles are the DOW, S&P, NASDAQ, the Bond market etc all puffed up by QE and cheap money printed after the 2008 crises by the Fed.
Steve Keen explains the first Central Bank created market bubble beautifully here:
But regarding bubbles and viewing Bitcoin through this prism, This is entirely missing the point. There is no precedent here. We are dealing with the first credible currency alternative to the fiat currency controlled by the banker cabal behind …

Facts: How much taxpayer money has the US Govt actually pissed away?

Here is an overview of the US budget:

Right now all the talk is is on trying to find a few billion to plug the holes in the trillion dollar healthcare budget in the US. Well what if I told you EVERYONE COULD HAVE FULL COVERAGE, DENTAL AND ALL EXTRAS JUST BASED ON MONEY ALREADY SPENT FOR THE NEXT 10 YEARS ALONG WITH FREE COLLEGE?!
The bank bailouts were reported on in the news, but it's been tragically misrepresented. the sheer scale and and mind boggling enormity of the crime have not actually been widely assimilated and processed. I cannot emphasize enough how epically evil this whole thing is. clear your head and keep an open mind and be objective. Think simply and fundamentally process the gravity of the forward projected total of this figure:
30 trillion dollars.

Bear in mind with proper free market capitalism the Banks should simply fail..  They are currently r…

The U.S. Only Has 2 Options in Afghanistan

The above infographic details current Taliban operations against the US supported Afghanistan Army, details here:

By now it's clear that there are only two options,  keep spending Trillions or pull out entirely.

With Trillions spent in Iraq, Afghanistan,  bailing out banks, lost by the Pentagon is it really any wonder the US people will not get the healthcare and social services they need as long as They, the taxpayer fund the banks and the Military Industrial complex?