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Seeing Bitcoin as an investment only is missing the point entirely

If you pay attention to the average investors advice, and you have any sort of vague grasp of the ideology behind Cryptocurrency, you will straightaway notice that many are fimly locked into a paradigm that they seem unable to begin to appreciate may be causing their myopia.  They cannot fundamentally let go of the outdated notion that Crypto is a stock or investment, and that alone is what makes them unable to understand what is happening as anything but a bubble. The real bubbles are the DOW, S&P, NASDAQ, the Bond market etc all puffed up by QE and cheap money printed after the 2008 crises by the Fed.
Steve Keen explains the first Central Bank created market bubble beautifully here:

But regarding bubbles and viewing Bitcoin through this prism, This is entirely missing the point. There is no precedent here. We are dealing with the first credible currency alternative to the fiat currency controlled by the banker cabal behind the worlds central banks (the Fed, The ECB, The BOJ, the SARB etc)

As soon as this is understood you realize that there is no fundamental valuation on this "stock". Suddenly all the worlds fiat becomes potential market-share and value from nothing is absolutely possible. Values of over a thousand dollars don't seem unreasonable, market demand places the realistic price for Bitcoin between 100 000 and one million dollars per Bitcoin, depending on the demand vs fiat, the proven money of gold/silver other crypto in the emerging basket, most of which will go to zero when the winners succeed. These values are not just possible, but probable with the blockchain distributor ledger backed currency, aided by the real money criteria "store of value" (like gold) potential. Fiat by comparison is not created with scarcity but can be printed out of thin air, making it not scarce and backed by value but infinitely printable and inflationary by design of fractional reserve and QE. Fiat is backed by INTEREST BEARING DEBT.

One is based in value, the other in debt.

This amazing tool will put you in the picture:

This understanding is not unlike looking at a three dimensional illusion on a 2D page, letting your eyes blur and BOOM, suddenly you see the image emerge in three dimensions out of nothing.  At the risk of coming across as poetic I assure you I am not stretching. We are dealing with the most important revolution in money in living memory,

The banks drove the Dotcom and Subprime bubbles, this is not like them, banks are AFRAID of crypto, it could make them irrelevant at a time when bank bailouts from the last bankster caused bubble cost us 30 TRILLION dollars, nearly thirty years of the entire annual budget of the USA!

You don't believe me?

Crypto is peer to peer decentralized currency.  If we want to escape bankster tyranny we need vision, we need to stop being defeatist and embrace peoples money.

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