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Climate Change: Big Banking, Big Oil, Big Media, Big Lies.

Image Courtesy The Wall Street Journal
ExxonMobil is the world's largest oil corporation. It's the merged oil corporation of two of the thirty-four oil corporations that were broken up from the massive Rockefeller corporation, Standard Oil, in 1911. And, the Rockefellers retained large and small pieces of all of those oil corporations, including Exxon, Mobil, Chevron, AMOCO, Sunoco, Marathon, etc. John D Rockefeller is known to have been happier after the monopoly was broken up because he is thought to have done even better afterwards.  At least this is what he has stated.

Here is some background on the banking dynasties.

Interestingly, the main source of the criticism on Exxon's climate change policy is the Rockefeller Foundation who have strategically divested from oil in name only for PR purposes, but who still run the global Petrodollar war machine with other powerful cabal members from the globalist viper's nest centred around the United States Department of State. It appears that they are once more creating controversy in order to whip up political fervour in the voters in their usual "Divide and Rule" manner. The Rockefellers and their ilk have a long history of playing on both sides of every issue.  If you have any doubt as to the scale and influence of the globalist order in these affairs, then consult this detailed breakdown of who they are and how they operate.

Some background on current funding:

It might be worth remembering how effective they have already been at capturing various institutions and apparatus of the state, effectively causing a seizure in functional democracy and capitalism resulting in today's crony capitalist oligarchy.
Let us not forget that it was The Rockefellers, after all, that supplied Hitler's Germany with oil from Venezuela, during WWII, through Vichy France. Legally. Hitler's invasion of Poland and France rolled forth on Rockefeller fuel in Ford trucks. US, British, and German bankers and industrialists invested in German industry after the First World War and financed the rise of Hitler, since 1925.
Prescott Bush's bank, UBC, in New York, bought Hitler his party headquarters. Bush lost his directorship at UBC for trading with the enemy, in 1942. But Bush continued to manufacture the gas that killed millions of Jews and other people, in Germany. The Rockefellers, Prescott Bush, GE, and IBM helped to build, run, and supply Auschwitz. They used concentration camp labour in their industry in Germany and Poland.
The Bushes and Rockefellers financed and advised every US President since WWII, besides Kennedy and Trump. They financed Hitler and then they financed Eisenhower, in 1952. Ike's running mate, Richard Nixon, had been Prescott Bush's man in Congress since WWII. Bush mentored Nixon so closely in 1952 that they dressed identically.

The Rockefellers have been controlling our perception of oil from the outset. Prepare to fall off your chair..

The Rockefeller banks, Chase and Citi, and the Rothschilds Bank of America, and also Wells Fargo, are the Big Four Banks. They financed both Obama and McCain,back in 2008. They financed both Hillary and Jeb Bush, in 2016. Obama's adviser on wars in eight nations, to control the flow of all of the world's oil, was Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was David Rockefeller's right-hand man, and who used the CIA to arm Muslim extremists in the Middle East, since the Carter administration.

The Big Four Banks control US foreign policy (wars) by financing the campaigns of Presidents and most members of Congress, Democrat or moderate Republican. The religious right Tea Party politicians are financed by the Koch brothers, who are Rockefeller Establishment splitters.

The Globalization of Banking
The globalization of big oil, banking and media preceded all the other mergers and acquisitions or share buybacks we see so prominently today.  All three are pivotal in the climate change movement.  On the face of that alone if one's suspicions are not already aroused one should never seek a career as a private investigator, detective or investigative journalist of any sort because one would not appear to have the intuition for it.
The Big Four Banks orchestrate their influence over most members of Congress, the corporate news media, and the Bush/Rockefeller created and run CIA, through their private organization, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).
We Should be very wary of the lingo and jargon the think tanks have already prepared for us going forward. None of it is sincere and all of it is designed with a political goal in mind. The Rockefeller Establishment bankers have made defacto admissions to using the climate change issue to whip up fervour among voters (to get out the vote for Democrats and moderate Republicans who will support their wars for control of the flow of all of the oil in the world.) They have used the issues of abortion and gun control for the same purpose, for decades, even though nothing much ever changes on those issues. Because, it would require a Supreme Court ruling to change Roe v Wade, and a Constitutional Convention to change the Second Amendment.
We are being played by the Rockefeller Establishment, through their media,  to get us riled up about what Exxon said about climate change, about what Trump said or about what your mother-in-law's aunt said even as they wage wars for control of all of the oil in the world.  Do you really want the people who are stockpiling the worlds nuclear arsenal, big banking and big oil and their science administration shills (who beg for grant funding like good dogs barking for their biscuits) guiding your environmental senses? Remember, nothing happens by accident and all the apparently spontaneous wars were pre-planned years, this is well established.
Most importantly these people will wage war or destroy any country that interferes with the petrodollar system, let alone with fossil fuels.  You need to be naive to the point of stupidity if you really think they have any notion of quitting fossil fuels.
Image Courtesy VOX
All of the carbon dioxide that we pump into the atmosphere came from the atmosphere to make fossil fuels through photosynthesis, in the first place.  Millions of years ago carbon dioxide levels were seven times higher than they are now, such as in the Jurassic and Cretacious
(and have been much higher than that even) and both animal and plant life on Earth began to thrive. Even Coral reefs had major ups and downs while carbon dioxide levels were much higher than now.  For a comprehensive collection of resources on every aspect of climate change imaginable, I have put together this database hub.
A real "get a grip on reality" scenario for climate enthusiasts is that polar ice area returns to normal at each pole, during the winter months, because the poles are in 24/7 darkness for most of their respective winters. This shows the tremendous power of solar irradiance on polar ice area and melting glaciers. 2014 was a peak high for Antarctic polar ice area. In short, you cannot trust the MSM on the issue of Climate Change, you only need to take a look at this appalling record they have on the subject to realise that.
Yeah, so it's the Rockefellers who are behind Exxon plus the criticism of Exxon's climate change policy. 
Along with them, you will find the globalist institutions they crafted like the EU, The UN, The IPCC or any other arch globalist body involved with the Paris Climate Accord. Why do they do this? Because they are the puppet masters, and they control all of the strings to all of us peasants via their puppets, our leaders. And we appear to like it that way, being the peasant stock that we are, we really like it that way, and we believe whatever the Rockefellers and Rothschilds tell their corporate news media outlets as well as what the BBC say, on climate change, Russian collusion, their ISIS and al Qaeda fighters, or their fake progressive candidates, like Bernie Sanders.  Perhaps then this arrangement is all we deserve, along with the financial misery that comes with it.  I for one will not accept it, no matter how much I am slut-shamed by the rest of the peasants.

Its not just me saying it either:
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