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Irrefutable Proof, RT Is Better than Western Media, Lets Examine The Facts!

Many people are mysteriously still harboring under the misguided delusion that western mainstream media provides news rather than propaganda that can be financially linked to the establishment mainstays, and I'd like to propose that those of you who fall into that category need a wake up call.

Make important points with fun pics!

At the end of the day, there is no better endorsement than knowing how much time Hillary Clinton, the wicked witch of the west, spent being a groupie during her days heading the State Department as Secretary Of State

Cut your losses, take the knock now rather than swallowing a larger and infinitely more bitter pill later on. I am not suggesting that Russian TV is bias free, I simply would like to weigh in on the most important geopolitical events in the last five years and compare the calls made AS EVENTS WERE GOING DOWN, with how they turned out afterwards.  This is the only ba…