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Hillary Clinton's Wonderful Foreign Affairs Record as Secretary Of State

Haiti, Yemen, Libya, Honduras, Ukraine, Syria, Israel/Palestine, Iran, Afghanistan. Has there ever been a nation that has actually IMPROVED after Hitlary's meddling?  Has there ever been a war she has not backed? Doubtful.  When Hillary Clinton goes on about "experience" she should keep her mouth shut rather than bring up her abysmal track record.... Except that's what conventional wisdom would have you believe.  Why would the establishment back somebody with such a disastrous past unless what is reported as a failure is not actually the precise result intended?

That's right, Hillary meant to destroy all those nations, or at least choose chaos over the previous leadership, that was her true mandate, and that's why her backers want more of same.  That's how it works.  It can never be openly discussed without fessing up to the real agenda which would never be tolerated in terms of public approval.  This is why everything she does is chalked up to being a &qu…

A Bad Week For The Empire

Well the month of August appears to be ending as badly as it started for the Empire.  Their meddling in the Turkish state of affairs has blown up badly in their face as Turkey defects and jumps ship.  The Brash Erdogan, in typical fashion, struts his stuff without delay by launching a military assault in Syria, this time in line with what Putin and Assad hope to achieve, rather than what the US hopes to achieve (as evidenced by the mad US diplomatic scramble and PR emergency rush job they are pulling by backing Turkeys assault on the US's own Kurdish partners). It seems the US influence in the region is destined to wane even further.

If you have any doubts about the seemingly paradoxical links to the YPG in Syria and Peshmerga in Iraq with Daesh/ISIS then read my article here which should clarify things for you:

Michael Rosenblum Nails It.

This article via the link below by Michael Rosenblum (@Rosenblumtv on twitter) caught my attention more for it's commentary on American culture (or lack thereof) than for any call it makes on the elections. Nevertheless I think he could make a good case for his call on the outcome.  I feel differently, I feel Hillary will win, but only because the establishment  and their presstitute media will cheat, just like they did to cheat Ron Paul in 2012.

There can be no doubt Ron Paul was screwed in 2012
Regardless of the outcome of the election, this article is great commentary and it's about time somebody started making these links in changing tastes and their consequences

Read it here:

The Council On Foreign Relations

New World Order propaganda rules and shapes the world. And there’s no more powerful propagator of propaganda that rules and shapes US global hegemony, world events and major geopolitical developments than the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). On its own website, the CFR describes itself as “an independent, nonpartisan membership organization, think tank, and publisher.”Two weeks ago the powerful organization celebrated its 95thanniversary since it’s been the most influential force dictating US foreign policy throughout the 20thcentury chauvinistically called “the American century” right into the present 21staptly called the New World Order century. The CFR is financed by highly endowed, tax exempt Rockefeller, Ford and Carnegie foundations.

Read More here:

Precisely How Do The Banksters Financially Enslave Us?

What almost nobody realizes is that we actually live in an age of untold prosperity and wealth, where technology and specialization should see us all, even those in the third world live lives filled with abundance.  The whole reason that I write this blog is precisely because I understand this, which explains my frustration with the current state of affairs.  Most people do not appreciate this and don't understand that capitalism in it's current for has been outdated for a very long time. In addition all sorts of corruption has entered the system robbing us of many hundreds of percent of the real wealth we should all be enjoying.  If more of us understood this there would be revolution by morning.  Let me explain the principle means of control and plunder because it's this that is central to every single problem facing the world today.

Here is a cynical translator:

Do we already have the solutio…

China & Gold In One Remarkable Infographic

Hackers Are Slowly But Surely Vindicating The Conspiracy Theorists

It seems like nearly every day there is a leak or hack that places material into the public domain that was formerly strictly reserved for those of us who wear tin foil hats.

Here is the latest:

China Enters The Fray

Syria is proving to be one of the most important proxy battlefields in modern history. For the first time in the modern era since before the Cold War we are seeing a genuine shift in global power from the banksters that were once behind colonialism, now behind the US MIC/Oil empire, to a new multi-polar world of East and West. The moral high-ground that used to lie with the West against the Soviet Union now lies with the emerging Eastern alliance whose military inventions only happen at the request of governments instead of to overthrow them. The shift in global balance of power is snowballing at an unbelievable rate, we are experiencing a very important time right now.  With the Iraqi border on the mid term shopping list after Turkey is secured, the Eastern allies are now rapidly eyeballing control in the long term of all major borders to the Syria except a tiny sliver belonging to Israel and (more importantly) in the short term closing in for the death-blow to the US funded rebels a…

The Coolest Crime Has Just Been Commited

I woke up this morning to the sweetest irony I've been exposed to all year.  The NSA (the all seeing, all knowing, big brother department of the US government which has us all in it's cross-hairs globally) has been hacked, they have been spied on and their privacy has been violated!

Their malware is apparently being auctioned off for a small fortune in Bitcoin and without doubt some sort of loud and resounding message is being sent here. 

This is a natural follow up to my post yesterday on censorship I reckon.

Whoever you are Shadow Brokers, touche, love your work!

Here are some links, pick your poison:…

So You Think Censorship Is Not Happening To You?

Welcome to the Rabbit hole. I suggest everyone who hasn't ready Daniel Estulins book on the Bilderberg meetings either read it or do some equivalent research.

It's fascinating because it starts at the top, the captains of industry and leaders of all the worlds most influential sectors have a yearly meeting where they all get a chance to hob-nob and.....

Do what exactly? Do your own research.  There is no other conceivable reason for these people to meet other than to maintain competitive advantage, and the recruitment of their latest two proteges, Google …

Olympic Fail!

Personally as a former competitive swimmer I didn't really care about competitors taking drugs that don't really boost performance (they are in abundance and increasing on the petty "banned lists" yearly) and I don't get why drugs like alcohol and weed are banned for "not being in the spirit of sport"  I've seen many an athletes career ruined for what appears to me to be a risk not worth the reward and therefore a likely mistake.  It's almost like the ruling bodies want so many chemicals on the banned lists that when they need it, they have something on everyone. The only thing I care about is that the same standards are applied to everyone.

Michael Phelps has had his fair share of strife with substances, but in the end he carried on to be the most decorated Olympian in history.  His famous bong incidents and his DUI con…

There Is A New Sheriff In Town

After the disaster of the US involvement in Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria etc all did not bode well for the region.  The US called "oops" on each occasion but the clip from years ago by decorated general Wesley Clarke, among many others, tells a different tale. A tale of a coordinated and specific assault to dominate the strategically important oil region.  But they made a crucial mistake, one that is destined to be their undoing.

Quite simply they under-estimated Vladimir Putin.  They underestimated him and it has cost them dearly. Not only have their above-mentioned plans in Syria (Assad must go) been singularly undone, but their allies Saudi Arabia have been decimated in Yemen, their Afghan effort is in tatters, their NATO ally Turkey (after a failed US coup in the country) is now firmly in Russia's pocked and their Ukraine coup was a disaster while Putin's Crimea prospers like never before.

But how?  How did the best funded and most feared intelligence communi…

The Horror Of Globalization In 3 Shocking Info-Graphics.

The Case For Gold Gets Stronger

By now it's no secret that the Comex market is basically bogus.  It's a paper contracts markets settled in cash, almost never in delivered gold. It's been the mainstay of an arsenal of available weapons that interested parties can use to manipulate the gold price, here is my post from a year ago on the subject:

I would like to expand on this a bit, because here is a link from Zero Hedge that explores the theme further:

For a few years now I've been writing posts on a variety of different aspects of the gold price being manipulated, not just by market sculpting entities, not just because gold is a "safe-haven" investment in turbulent times (a superficial analysis which I hate because it cheapens the whole issue) but also by central banks that have have a vested interes…

Is The Bond Bubble Starting To Burst?

Bank Stress Tests Are BS

The above link from Zero Hedge confirms what you probably already know....

"Democracy & Freedom" As Brought To The Middle East By The West