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The Rise & Fall Of The Globalists NWO

The BrExit Fiasco is presently being digested and the pathetic whining displays exibited in the last 48 hours by the supposedly neutral mainstream media have been monumental, insulting and purile.   Most people are sick of the issue but I'm far from done with it because people don't realise what a huge victory (and how much pain we need to go through ahead) this actually is. 

The NWO crowd, the Jet and Yacht owning crowd who dine on Lobster at a table at the yearly Bilderberg meetings, these people are not used to losing.  The MSM have now, more than ever sold their souls and cemented their cause firmly behind the establishment.  In light of this now would be a good time to reflect on this monumental turning point and chart the rise and fall of the New World Order Bankster Globalists and how their globalisation scheme is finally falling apart.

Regarding normal people, liberal friends of yours who do not appreciate that you have a well researched and nuanced take on the issue, an…

What Does BrExit Really Mean? The Single Greatest Defeat The Globalists Have Ever Faced!

Or more specifically, what is all the fanatical opposition to Brexit really about? Most certainly it is not about helping the refugees from Washington’s wars that the UK government has supported and enabled. If the British establishment cared so much for the Muslims seeking refuge from America’s invasions, bombs, and drones, the British establishment would not have supported Washington’s attacks on these people in the first place.  So no, opposing Brexit on the grounds of racism is a false premise and that argument falls quickly down a slippery slope downhill.  The only tenuous link there is, is that incidentally some right wing groups support Brexit due to the refugee crises, but those people are victim-blamers and they have no understanding of the fact that war that is funded by and has arms supplied BY THE ESTABLISHMENT drove those people out of Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen etc.

Let's be serious here for a moment. Opposition to Brexit is, in fact, based on two powe…