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Why I don't comment on the current situation in South Africa

Lots of coverage in the international media on SA at the moment. I spend alot of time on news and politics and I'm not especially interested, and you can ask as many South Africans as you want, we understand our political reality as poorly as the Americans do, so asking South Africans is not going to help.

The reality is our president is controlled by the bankster cabal, not by the people. The growing discontent with screwing the majority and to some extent even the minority for the benefit of unseen foreign players will not be tolerated much longer, and the best defense is deflection, get the majority to blame the minority, its called divide and rule. You play two or more groups off against each other while the real villian hides in the shadows. All this talk of Constitution amendments for land appropriate is a way of creating a figure for the masses to get behind in Rhamaphosa, who is in reality a bankster stooge and would otherwise never secure the ANC voters confidence for th…

Quick checklist to see if you are being played like a globalist tool.

This is probably going to sting. It's never nice to find out we are easy to manipulate and being played like a fiddle, so breath out, keep an open mind and take a look deep inside your character to decide if you are cut from peasant stock, or ready to be a free being. That includes disagreeing with THIS POST! But it's only fair to give you information to make a decision that I am talking rubbish from a better informed position. I don't want anyone be persuaded into agreement, I want to find out how you really feel, if it's different to how I feel I'd rather honestly establish that and have you disagree.  Let's just say the odds of that happening once you understand the globalist MO as well as I do are pretty slim.

The main 4 points.

Here is a broader outline:

But better than the above, to fully understand the game you need to UNDERSTAND the game. This is not possible without a sense of the big picture which means you absolutely mus…

Are the natural disasters stats really increasing?

With the increase in population and increase in urbanisation, if the number of natural disasters were really increasing (as opposed to just being hysterically reported on as part of the climate cult propaganda) you would expect the data to reflect it, right?
What if I told you both natural disasters, and casualties are actually NOT increasing? In fact casualties are DECREASING and frequency remains constant per event, with small variables every year as one would expect. Remember that truth matters.
Reporting of natural disasters is increasing, but despite this the number is recently DECREASING DESPITE INCREASES IN REPORTING and population.

And the death rates and collateral are actually DECREASING despite population increases.

Explore these source sites:

Globalist Censorship Of Independent Voices Kicks Off

Believe it or not the current wave of censorship on private platforms (which hide behind the claim of not being publishers or content creators and therefore can't be sued for libel) was planned, coordinated and EXPECTED!

Jones Statement on his banning accross globalist platforms of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and others.

The Ron Paul Institute's Daniel McAdams discusses his Twitter ban.

It's not really as much of a partisan Issue as you may think, left leaning independain voices such as Secular Talk and the Jimmy Dore show  that are anti war are also being "shadow banned" and demonetized.

I have also been banned, shadow banned, flagged for spam unjustly etc at various points during the last year.
And it only gets worse and worse,. FACT: Facebook is teaming up with NATO to censor news.

 If you want to get a sense of what's really going on here is the chilling backstory.

Don't get too caug…

Weather Is Not Climate. Your Complete Resources Kit For Reasonable Understanding Of Climate (BOTH Politics & Science)!

For a brief outline of all the pertinent issues involved with misrepresented climate facts, truncated graphs, anomolies represented as data and all the debate points, please read this post which contains links to all the issues (scientific and political) central to the debate.

For a good synopsis of the fear-mongering in the MSM following the recent heat wave I strongly suggest this article:

For great weather models of all varieties follow Doctor Ryan Maue on Twitter:
He works for Weather Models dot com and here is the price structure:

For an incredible tool to get live and past data here is a post with instructions on using it:

Weather Service Data:
Here is the incredible tool: