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• IT’s most likely that Either the US/EU backed Ukraine Nazis or the PRO Russian Separatists shot down the plane
• The US Backs and funds Al Qaeda and Kiev but accepts no responsibility for their terrorist actions even against the US itself it blames Al Qaeda.
• If US/EU backed forces of Kiev shot down the plane, oh well.. what a pity…
• The plane was ordered over a war zone and ordered to drop altitude to missile range by KIEV, FACT
• Russia backs PRO Russian separatists, not terrorists, who are simply fighting not to part of a Western Puppet state, exercising basic human rights for autonomy/alignment with Russia.
• If Russian backed forces shot down the plane GET RUSSIA, SANCTIONS, BAD RUSSIA, ALL PUTINS FAULT

31) How does the criminal banking global empire affect South Africa?

The South African economy certainly does not exist in Isolation. Our economic fate and the strength of our currency are intimately intertwined with the US dollar and the Euro. It’s much deeper even than that due to the alignment with the practices of the US Federal Reserve and the South African Reserve bank, the two are old chums that go back almost to their mutual inception. Furthermore, most of Africa, Asia and South America have great difficulty making World Bank and IMF loan repayments due to interest rates and designer terms which often results in these Nations  exchanging the debt for civil infrastructure contracts and other positioning agreements designed to give controlling influence over an emerging counties natural wealth and resources, a practice which poses serious risk of keeping that country permanently economically enslaved.

One Political party, UBUNTU, has recognised this and made its main campaign focus for the next elections the issue of fundamental corruption entre…

30) How America Exports Inflation - Explained in Ten Easy Steps

How America Exports Inflation - Explained in Ten Easy Steps by Greg Simon from the excellent website

American people buy stuff they don’t need from Chinese company with money they don’t have on US bank credit card. US Bank creates new US dollars out of thin air by creating debt for American people and giving US dollars to Chinese company.New debt stays in America while new US dollars leave America.Chinese company takes new US dollars to Chinese central bank and exchanges for Chinese RMB. Chinese central bank prints new Chinese RMB out of thin air to give to Chinese company in exchange for US dollars. Chinese central bank puts US dollars in a vault out of circulation. New US dollar’s are out of circulation, not impacting market value of existing US dollars and therefore not impacting US dollar price inflation. New Chinese RMB are in circulation, negatively impacting value of existing Chinese RMBs causing Chinese RMB price inflation to rise. US dollar value remain…

29) Remember how WRONG they all were?

Click on the link below to read the article printed with permission from RT on the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity
Read how Bush, Blair , Rumsfeld and Co got it wrong then and why they, along with the new batch of corporate puppet politicians will GET IT WRONG AGAIN AND AGAIN.
When are we going to stop listening to these people? Iraq: The Things Warmongers Saidwritten byneil clark

27) Dick Cheney wants more war, says Iran is developing the nuke.

Dick Cheney creates "Alliance for Stronger America" warns (as he did incorrectly before with Iraq in 2002) than Iran, who he says is housing Al Qaeda, is marching towards a nuclear weapon, something needs to be done to stop them.

He says Syria is a training ground for Islamic Militants and is the most dangerous place in the world for America, so the US are increasing their funding to Al Qaeda in Syria.

Wait...... hold on?????

Oh sorry, I meant "Rebels" in Syria.....

Read here: